Das digitale Mikroservo für die BRAEKER-HYDRAULIK: Blue Bird BMS-210DMH (Glockenankermotor mit Kühlkörper)

Servo Blue-Bird BMS-210DMH (coreless digital with heatsink)

The digital micro power servo for the BRAEKER-HYDRAULIC valve:

Digital, powerful, robust, small

Servos from Blue-Bird are well known from the RC-trial scene for their excellent quality and long durability. The Blue Bird BMS 210DMH convinces with its powerful coreless motor with metal gear. The coreless motor is characterized by a very high torque with fast acceleration even at low speed. The torque is transmitted accurately and safely through the metal gear and double ball bearings. The aluminum heatsink protects motor and electronics from overheating. Last but not least is a digital controller in use. That means, precision during motion and full power until the position is reached.

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The digital micro servo for the BRAEKER-HYDRAULIK: Blue Bird BMS-210DMH (coreless digital with heatsink)Dimensions of the digital micro servo for the BRAEKER-HYDRAULIK: Blue Bird BMS-210DMH (coreless digital with heatsink)

Technical data


3D model

Dimension L 23 mm x W 12 mm x H 25,4 mm
Servohorn / gear spline Ø 6 mm - 25 teeth (same as Futaba)
Weight 16 g
Operating voltage 4,8 V - 6 V
Torque at 4,8 V 31 Ncm
Torque at 6 V 39 Ncm
Max. speed 0,1 s/45°
Gear metall
Ball bearing 2
Housing plastic with aluminium heatsink
Controller digital
Motor coreless


25,90€ incl. 19% VAT, plus shipment. delivery time: 1-2 weeks

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Das Servo Futaba S3107 für Braeker Schnellwechsel Systeme und Leimbach Hydraulikventil

The servo for quick coupler

Servo Futaba S 3107 Nano


3D model


28,90€ incl. 19% VAT, plus shipment. delivery time: March 2019


Servo lead with plug Gold for quick coupler

The metal contacts of the robbe-Futaba plugs are equipped with three spring contacts. This reduces the contact resistance and increases the insertion force.

Length: 40cm


The servo lead costs 4,50€ incl. 19% VAT. plus shipment. Delivery time: sold out

Fahrakku Radlader O&K L25 robbe ROXXY-POWER 2-5000 ZY 30C

ROXXY-Evo 2S 5000mAh 30C for the wheel loader O&K L25

LiPo accu 7,4V 5000mAh, dimensions: 160mm x 45mm x 18mm

Tamiya connector neccessary.

Charger neccessary.

Charge cable neccessary


Not deliverable

Tamiya Stecker mit Gold Kontakten

Tamiya connector gold

Tamiya connector with gold contacts.


The connector costs 3.50€ incl. vat. plus shipment. Delivery Time 1-2 weeks.