O&K L25 Radlader | RC wheel loader

RC wheel loader O&K L25 Next Generation

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NOW 2nd edition, only 10 units for the 10th anniversary of TOBIAS BRAEKER MODELLBAU IN FEINSTER TECHNIK

The O&K L25 NG completely revised!

Now even easier assembly, even more detailed, even better sound, even more powerful, even more robust, completely made of stainless steel, with BRAEKER-Hydraulics, just ingenious

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O&K L25 Radlader | RC wheel loaderO&K L25 Radlader | RC wheel loaderO&K L25 Radlader | RC wheel loaderO&K L25 Radlader | RC wheel loaderO&K L25 Radlader | RC wheel loaderO&K L25 Radlader | RC wheel loaderO&K L25 Radlader | RC wheel loaderO&K L25 Radlader | RC wheel loaderO&K L25 Radlader | RC wheel loader

The O&K L25 is a very special vintage wheel loader for people with special taste. Your enthusiasm is in resonance with the L25, if you

  • love the special
  • are a stylish connoisseur
  • love harmonious proportions
  • enjoy the cushion of the tyres
  • enjoy the sentimental but powerful movements
  • get in ecstasy by a perfectly sophisticated kit
  • like quality and durable materials
  • like to listen to the gentle technic
  • are happy with a simple cleaning and maintenance
  • are at eye level, when watching
  • get goose bumps listening the lively sound
  • are touched, always discovering more details
  • appreciate quality
  • are surrounded with perfect things

The L25 is the choice for those who are looking for the extraordinary.

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Unique feature

  • stainless Steel
  • original drive and control behavior
  • original sound
  • BRAEKER-LOCK quick coupler
  • cushion tires
  • small turning circle
  • encapsulated electronics and hydraulics
  • exceptional off-road capability

I love the O&K L25 because of its characteristic and harmonic proportions. The model convinces with its soft and powerful run. When the original sound of the air cooled Deutz V8 is turned off, you will hardly recognice driving noise. With its turning circle of only 88 cm you can manoeuvre the L25 very sensitive at the smallest areas. It is a graet joy to watch how the L25 is going with its cushion tyres and the pendulum axle through rough terrain.

Technical data

Scale 1:Tamiya
490 mm
220 mm
257 mm
Turn radius 
44 cm
Breakout force
approx. 9,0 kg (bucket down)
Hoist power
approx. 5,8 kg (bucket at middle height position)
Holding force
approx. 4,8 kg (bucket at top position)
Dump heigth 250 mm
max. trunk sill heigth 296 mm
max. tilt angle top 47°
max. tilt angle mid 76°

Assembly kit

The assembly kit contains out of over 900 parts. Ths assembly groups guarantee a well arranged assembly. The wheel loader consists out of precise lasercutted stainless steel sheets fom 1 to 2 mm. The parts get sticked together like Lego. The mortise and tenon joints are mechanical coded, so that the assembly is free of mistakes. It is a real fail-safe design. The axles are also made out of stainless steel.

Sand paper and some screw wrenches are sufficient for the assembly.

A perfect Z-kinematic makes the excavating easy. At the same time is the hoist power very sensitive to handle. Specially the BRAEKER-LOCK quick coupler system makes a lot of fun. It allows an easy exchange of the accessory equipment from you radio control.

The model is designed in the way, that all electronic and drive mechanism are complety covered against dirt and water. The axles are sealed with indusrial sealings. This makes the cleaning after a hard operation very easy.

All over all convinces the L25 with well-thought-out solutions, which fulfill all wishes also in detail. The model of the L25 is a toy in quality of a machine.

A Test Report is published in TRUCKmodell 2/2013.

Standard equipment

  • 4 x Maxon Motor (High precision drives, Swiss made - Maxon is used at NASA Mars-Rover )
  • BRAEKER-Hydraulic (4-way valve, pump, tank)
  • Electronics, mounted on drawer
  • Original sound
  • Headlights, indicator, brake lights, reversing lights
  • Chassis, 1-2 mm Stainless steel sheet, lasercutted
  • Axle/Rim, stainless steel
  • cushion tyres Next Generation
  • Bearings, industrial grade, easy to exchange
  • BRAEKER-LOCK quick coupler
  • Components, approx. 900 pieces

A radio control, an LiPo 3S 2,2Ah accu and an attachment equipment is needed.


The O&K L25 assembly kid costs 12990 € incl. VAT, plus shipping. Delivery time 6 months.

Please order by e-mail

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