Minimum order quantity

The minimum order quantity is 20€


The currently applicable sales tax is 19%.

Shipping costs

The products will be sent to you by DHL. The shipping costs include postage up to 5kg, insurance up to 500Euro, packing and 19%VAT.

Germany 9,95€
Zone 1 EU 22,60€
Zone 2 Switzerland, Great Britain 38,20€
Zone 3 rest Europe 39,80€
Zone 5 USA 66,00€
Zone 6 Canada 49,10€
Zone 7 China 55,20€
Zone 8 Australia, Asia, Africa 58,90€


The payment via PayPal is possible for states out of Europe:

USA, Canada 4,5%
Others 5,8%

Terms of Service

Please note that only a payment in advance is possible. Transportation costs will be evaluated separatly. After completing your order you will get an e-mail which includes all information regarding the bank transfer. If you have further questions do not hesitate to ask and give me a call: +49 2330 / 97 20 63.

I am pleased to help you.

Yours Tobias Braeker